Assistant Director of Nursing

Job Description

Under the direction of the Oakdale Nursing & Rehabilitation Center (ONRC) Director of Nursing the position requires the Assistant Director of Nursing to assist the Director of Nursing in directing and providing day-to-day resident services in accordance with current federal, state, and local standards, guidelines, and regulations, Oak Valley Hospital District policies and procedures and as may be directed by the Administrator, the Medical Director and/or the Director of Nursing, to ensure that the highest quality care for residents is maintained at all times.

This position requires providing service to one or more age populations including the developmentally disabled, adult and geriatric population in a manner that demonstrates an understanding of the functional/developmental age of the individual served.

1.       Monitors the financial budget for ONRC. 

a.        Assists in the development of department budget and ensures expenses are within budgeted parameters.

b.       Ensures staff is utilizing most efficient, safe and cost effective techniques and methods, and that supplies, equipment and personnel are used in most  efficient manner to minimize waste.

c.        May maintain records of expenses and submit reports to DON as required.

2.       Assists in ensuring that the professional and regulatory standards are met at ONRC. Maintains knowledge and competency related to the position and participates in committees as needed or directed.

3.       Assists with determining goals and objectives for ONRCannually that are compatible with the intent of the Mission and Strategic Plan. Continuously monitors goals and objectives to ensure they are met, revised and continued as appropriate.

4.       Administratively established and maintains a record-keeping and reporting system that includes:

a.        Submissions of time sheet with accuracy and timeliness.

b.       Assist in providing in-services and training appropriate for staff needs and monitors compliance.

c.        Required reports are submitted to the proper departments.

d.       Maintains current Policy and Procedures, assists in implementing change and revisions with staff input as appropriate.

5.       Assists with developing and managing a cohesive nursing team by leading, motivating and supporting staff in daily operation to ensure delivery of care for the Skilled Nursing Facility.                                                                                         

Includes assisting with:

a.        Interviewing and selecting qualified staff utilizing EOC principles.

b.       Evaluating competencies and assuring current credentialing, licensure, etc.

c.        Assuring timely orientation of staff to hospital and unit/department.

d.       Monitoring staff performance to assure productivity standards are met.

e.       Staff evaluations completed according to hospital policy and evaluation guidelines.

6.       Makes written or oral reports and recommendations to DON concerning operation of department and in response to concerns or complaints. Reports the following in accordance with established facility procedures and regulatory standards: accidents and incidents; resident grievances, complaints, allegation of resident abuse and/or misappropriation of resident property; occupational exposure to blood, body fluids, infectious materials, and hazardous chemicals; concerns and suspected incidences of non-compliance including but not limited to hazardous conditions and equipment.

7.       Maintains effective working relationship between Care Center and Medical Staff. Provides support to Medical Staff committees, as appropriate.

8.       Assures quality of care and maintains current knowledge of key regulatory and legal requirements for the Care Center.  Demonstrates knowledge of facility and departmental quality improvement activities. Recommends any equipment and supplies needed for the department as well as any departmental improvements.

9.       Assists as directed in the following activities:

a.        Investigates and responds to physician, resident, family or employee concerns or complaints about the quality of care.

b.       Establishes and enforces a facility wide policy of resident's rights and responsibilities.

c.        Assures that the facility receives no undeserved citations from the Department of Health Licensing Divisions.

10.    Demonstrates the ability to effectively resolve problems in conjunction with managers, concerning such items as staffing, utilization of Care Center facilities and services, and issues related to equipment and supplies.

11.    May assist Director of Nursing to develop long range strategic planning and actively purse and supports the appraisal and development of new programs which could benefit the long-range success of the Care Center.

12.    Participates as needed or directed in Marketing and Public Relations and makes recommendations for the development of services, which promote the Care Center, and expanded potential services. Personally represents the Care Center to a variety of individuals, community groups and health industry organizations.

13.    Assures satisfactory resolution of customer concerns by responding to medical staff concerns regarding Care Center services. Regularly perceives potential communication problems and intervenes proactively to promote understanding among all concerned.

14.    Acts as Director of Nursing in the absence of same.

15.    Is accessible after hours for emergency purposes.

Minimum Education:

         Graduate from an accredited RN program

         Bachelor's Degree in Nursing desirable

         Advanced knowledge of the Joint Commission, state and Title XXII regulations.

         Knowledge and understanding of customs and beliefs and needs of a consumer group(s) served


Minimum Experience/Skills:

         Previous work history to support an appropriate understanding in the management of conflict resolution, hiring and retaining staff, and the ability to function as an effective team member through good communication and cooperation to meet departmental goals.

         At least one (1) year's experience in a long-term care facility

         Able to report and record information accurately in English

         Able to perform basic mathematical calculations



         Current California Registered Nurses license

         Current BLS certification




Company Description
A little about us, with over 600 employees and in a growth mode, Oak Valley Hospital District is a full service, non-profit public hospital created to provide residents of Oakdale and the surrounding rural communities, with access to superior quality medical care. We also operate four community health centers providing primary care medical services and plan to expand this business as well. As an organization we take care of nearly 90,000 patients a year.

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