Ball Metalpack - Supervisor, Plant Storeroom

Who We Are:
Ball Metalpack is a new joint venture between Platinum Equity and Ball Corporation. We are excited about the opportunities ahead as we leverage our expertise to create value and a sense of ownership.
Ball Metalpack produces 100 percent recyclable tinplate food and aerosol containers. As part of Ball Corporation, we've been industry leaders for years. Now we are standing up a new company with exciting new roles and responsibilities ? including this one!
Metal food packaging has set the standard for freshness and preservation for well over a century, and we continue to push boundaries and develop innovations. What excites us most is the sustainability advantages that metal packaging delivers to our customers and to families. It is one of the most environmentally friendly and economical forms of packaging.
Since the aerosol can revolutionized consumer products in the 1940s, Ball has refined and improved the technology to suit todays needs. We recently breathed new air into aerosol technology with the introduction of our next generation of tinplate aerosol packaging, which is helping us meet and exceed our customers' growing expectations.
With the help of our 1,300 talented employees, Ball Metalpack will continue to revolutionize our industries, serve our customers and put the right people, processes and partners in place to help us achieve our vision and create long-term value.
Ball Metalpack is a Lean Manufacturing System environment.
Job Duties:
Primary Purpose of Position:
Supervises the plant storeroom function as directed.
Essential Functions and Responsibilities:
Responsible for maintaining a safe and secure work environment. This includes correcting unsafe acts/conditions, facilitating monthly safety meetings, performing monthly safety inspections, and investigating accidents, as required.
Supports development, implementation, maintenance, and ongoing improvement of the food safety system.
Supervises the plant storeroom function as directed.
Responsible for overall storeroom operation.
Facilitates direct support to all departments for spare parts, tooling, and supplies.
Orders parts, receives and inspects all incoming items for plant departments, and ensures proper placement of storeroom items in storage cell where items are maintained for use.
Works with vendors concerning consignment program and setting up blanket orders.
Conducts annual, cycle, and bulk inventories of warehouse/storeroom items as required.
Prepares manifests for hazardous waste shipments.
Maintains organization and inventory of plant bulk racks and drum stock area.
Originates and tracks the claims process through vendor disposition for metal stock, packaging, and process materials and shipping.
Regulates the min/max quantities of storeroom parts.
Coordinates with all areas in the initial set-up of new storeroom parts, the modification and/or substitution of existing parts, and the deletion of storeroom parts, overstock, and surplus parts.
Coordinates recycling of metal stock packaging with vendors.
Coordinates with other plants concerning the availability of parts for shipment.
Assists in preparing for scheduled maintenance.
Produces and maintains shipping and receiving paperwork.
Coordinates and audits purchasing and receiving documents. Verifies and audits items received against packaging slips.
Identifies obsolete parts inventory and slow moving items, and communicates to management.
Monitors material usage for can production as assigned.
Performs on-the-job training and development of assigned personnel.
Monitors all charge codes that are signed out against parts requisitions or identification tags.
Generates computer reports weekly on all receipts and disbursements.
Receives, identifies, locates, and dispenses storeroom items as needed.
Expedites open and outstanding orders as assigned.
Calculates and reports other direct materials (ODM) costs as assigned.
Responsible for the proper off-loading of all bulk tanker deliveries.
Inputs and maintains computer inventory system and master file data system to assure accurate storeroom inventory.
Accesses, inputs, and retrieves information from the computer.
Properly packs and processes items for outgoing shipment for common carrier. Prepares miscellaneous shipping orders, airfreight bills, and/or bills of lading.
Develops and maintains procedures for receiving and storing material, as well as for monitoring usage of various materials as directed.
Notifies management of any unusual occurrences in inventory balances, equipment malfunctions, damaged materials, or supplies needed.
Maintains good housekeeping in the storeroom and related areas.
Initiates, reviews, and follows all standard operating procedures (SOPs) for area of responsibility.
Establishes and maintains an employee relations climate of trust and confidence that will discourage third party interference; or establishes and maintains an employee relations climate of trust and confidence with employees, their union stewards and representatives which will promote achievement of plant and company goals.
Establishes and maintains effective work relationships within the department, the division, the group, and the company. Includes ability to handle stress and to interact with others so as to establish and maintain a positive and productive work environment and minimize personal conflicts.
While the regular working cycle of this position is usually five days on (Monday-Friday), this job may include working weekends (Saturday and Sunday); working hours may vary as specified by management. Incumbent must be able to work overtime on a regular basis and/or be on call as directed by management.
Performs those administrative activities necessary for effective management, including provision for selection and development of employees, salary administration, budget administration, employee safety, employee counseling, motivation, meeting objectives, planning, organizing, integrating and measuring the work performed within the organization.
Regular and predictable attendance is required between the assigned start and end times of work.
Assures and maintains safe and healthful working conditions while enforcing safety rules and regulations.
Performs duties without posing a direct threat to anyone or to property. Direct threat is defined as a significant risk of substantial harm that cannot be eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level by reasonable accommodation.
Ability to work independently within parameters set by management.
Communication. Ability to communicate effectively, write effectively, read, comprehend, and follow complicated verbal and written instructions.
Ability to meet the knowledge, skills, abilities, physical requirements and working conditions set forth in this position description and on the attached Physical Demands Assessment.
Maintains an awareness, and complies with hazardous waste management and other environmental management requirements in the workplace by attending scheduled training sessions.
Communicates with the emergency coordinator (EC) or Environmental Focal Point/Environmental Manager (EFP/EM) regarding environmental management activities.
Understands and responds effectively to EC directions during emergencies by being familiar with emergency procedures, equipment, and systems, as necessary. Implements contingency plan to the level required by the position.
Understands, completes, and maintains environmental documentation for which the individual is trained, or as directed by the EC, EFP, or EM (i.e., inspections, labeling, record keeping, maintenance of equipment, etc.). Reports to the EC, EFP, or EM on the status of assigned responsibilities.
Complies with established job safety practices, policies and procedures as specified in plant and corporate directives for the safe performance of the work assignment.
Recognizes waste streams and minimizes waste generation, through prudent use of materials, proper disposal and segregation as directed during training or by the EC. Understands and practices proper accumulation and storage requirements for wastes.
Complies with environmental regulations when using, dispensing, or handling hazardous and non-hazardous materials and wastes.
Position Requirements:
Broad experience in the professional field usually acquired through working in a storeroom.
College degree preferred.
Job related experience for 2 years minimum.
Working knowledge of the following areas:
Business principles, legal practices, customer needs and requirements
Storeroom principles and practices
Nomenclature of all storeroom items
Generally accepted supervisory practices and procedures
Ability to apply intensive and diversified evaluation, selection, and substantial adaptation and modification of standard storeroom techniques, procedures, and criteria.
Ability to operate and functionally use a computer.
Ability to perform basic mathematical calculations.
Ability to effectively train personnel.
Ability to effectively lead personnel.
Must have good organizational skills.
Must be able to handle sensitive related and proprietary information in a confidential manner.
Performs such individual assignments as management may direct.
Must follow company policies, procedures, practices, and standards of conduct as outlined in the Ball Metalpack manuals.
Must maintain professional competence, ethical integrity, knowledge, and skills.
Relocation for this position is NOT Available.
Ball Metalpack offers comprehensive benefits packages, including paid holidays/vacation, affordable medical, dental, life insurance, tuition reimbursement, and retirement plans.
EEO Statement:
Equal Opportunity Employer
Minority, Female, Disabled, Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and Veterans.

Don't Be Fooled

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